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Programming can sometimes be very hard to learn especially if you have no experience in this field. This course will help you in learning basic concepts of python programming. This course is taught in Urdu Language. We will cover some important topics like Comments, Data Types, Exception Handling, Conditional Logic, Collections, Loops and File Handling.

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This is an introductory video which will guide you about the contents which will be study in this course 1) Setup Python 2) Comments 3) Data Types 4) Exception Handling 5) Conditional Logic 6) Loops/Iteration 7) Collections 8) File Handling 9) Giveaway

  • Introductory Video 5min 2sec

In this video we will setup python environment for coding purpose. We will also share necessary software list for programming. Software Installation: • https://www.python.org/downloads/ Other Tools: • https://www.anaconda.com/distribution/ • https://code.visualstudio.com/ • https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/

  • Setup Python 5min 29sec

This video is related to comments in python language. You will learn about what is comments, how to write comments in python.

  • Comments 3min 44sec

This video is about data types in python language. You will learn about what are data types, how many types are in python and how to implement each type.

  • Data Types 10min 2sec

This video will give you a introduction about what is exception, types of exceptions and how to define it in python language.

  • Exception Handling 8min 48sec

In this video we will get to know about condition logic in python language. We will learn how to define conditions, how we can implement decision making using if..elif..else statements.

  • Conditional Logic 8min 16sec

This video will provide an introduction about collections and its type in python. You will learn about what is collections and what are its main types in python language.

  • Collections 2min 59sec
  • List 7min 0sec
  • Tuple 6min 56sec
  • Sets 5min 32sec
  • Dictionary 7min 43sec

This video is about loops in python. We will learn about loop types, how we can define loops with specified conditions, how we can implement for loops and while loops in python.

  • Loops 8min 24sec

In this video we will learn about handling files in python programming language.

  • File Handling 6min 33sec

This video contains some important tips and tricks of python, that will help in writing an efficient code.

  • Surprise Video 6min 0sec

Thank you !!!

  • Conclusion 1min 24sec
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About Expert

Muhammad Uzair Adamjee

Data Engineer @ Trellis

I am currently working as Data Engineer for a Housing Financial company. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in the field of Computer Science. I have a working experience of 4 years. In these years, I worked on many projects associated with Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Software Engineering. Apart from that, I have also worked as a Data Analyst at a few companies, namely IBEX Global & Ephlux. I like to write articles and make videos in which I teach new skills, techniques related to my field.


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Understand basics concepts of Python. Learn how to code in Python. Create and code your own programs in Python.

Interest in learning new language Having a computer. No prior knowledge needed.

People with no programming experience. People who wanted to learn programming. People who wanted add a new skill.

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15+ enrolled on this course